How to Use Comic Book Templates

The setting up of the story

If you are a member of a comic site such as you will find story board templates already prepared online.   You can choose a template of your liking, but you can also customise the template by adding boxes and changing their size with sliders.The beauty of is that you can work straight into the template online, and then hit save and publish.  There are no extra steps to this process.

Rough Drafts and Story Boarding

However for this to be a straight forward and simple process, the script writer and the artists must have a plan, and the story set out with matching images prepared.  To accomplish this you will need offline templates.  You are going to need many of them, as it will need to negotiate quite a few rough drafts before you are ready to settle the layout within the online templates.  Image

Script writers and artists therefore need templates into which the do their rough drafts and plan out their comic.

Design Your Own Templates

From the beginning it is better for the comic designers to create their own templates to work into, so that this very simple habit of customising the work area to your own specific needs becomes a part of the planning process.

Here are some templates for creating comics but they have only provided to get you started.  Get a feel for the way you layout your stories and then begin to change the dynamic templates to fit the story.  It is better to design the template to fit the story and present it dynamically then it is to regig your story to fit the template.

Scripting and Story Board Templates

PDF files are not dynamic but the Word.doc file can be manipulated by you as you see fit.  You will notice that I have inserted a text box at the top of the template for a title.    This is to demonstrate the way text boxes can be used to change the way a table looks and feels.Image

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