How to Turn Comic Pages into a Comic Book – Pixton

When students first encounter, it is best to start off with very simple three cell comics.  Save these as just one page and allow the students plenty of time to experiment.   Image

As they become better at comic creation they are going to ask for more cells per page, and at some stage they will want to collate these pages into a comic book.

Grainy Lil’ Girl as been created with this chunking of learning experiences in mind. has a comic book creator.  One of the tricks to using this creator is to select each page of the comic into a draft as they are created.  Layer all that is required is that the student

  1. select their favorite page,
  2. add a title
  3. and then publish the book.

Because they have been selecting each page as they go the Table of Contents (TOC) has already been created and added for them automatically.

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