A Tale of Two MOOCs @ Coursera: Divided by Pedagogy

I was led to this article when doing a course about Academia and the MOOC. I agree with Morrison that there is no room for judgments of good and bad and even suggestions that a course is “working”. Working may only imply that the course was fun or trendy or pleasurable. Coming from the perspective of Jacobs Process the onus is on Primary schools and parents to begin (or continue) teaching in a way that encourages self direction and collaboration.
I am working on ways to respectfully decentre the primary school class room.

Online Learning Insights

The Web as a classroom is transforming how people learn, is driving the need for new pedagogy; two recently launched courses at Coursera highlight what happenswhen pedagogical methods fail to adapt.

I wrote recently about the Fundamentals of Online: Education [FOE] the Coursera course that was suspended after its first week and is now in MOOC hibernation mode. Over thirty thousands students signed up for the course hoping to learn how to develop an online course. It was a technical malfunction when students were directed to sign-up for groups through a Google Doc that shuttered the course, along with hundreds of student complaints about lack of clear instructions, and poor lecture quality. The course was suspended on February 2, and there has been no word yet as to when it will resume :(.

On the other hand there is the e-Learning and Digital Cultures course also offered on Coursera’s platform…

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