Writing Activity from Crafting Writing Course at Coursera

This is the second week of the course and we are doing a unit where we learn the eight basic parts of speech and how they function in English. I am also currently studying ESL.
Our lecturers explained that to become a better writer and editor of your writing, we need to brush up on the fundamentals of English prose and how they work in a sentence. Once we understand the components of a sentence, we can begin to examine our writing critically to identify problems and make corrections rather than just guessing at why something is wrong.

So here goes with the first homework we have been asked to post to a blog.

Module 1 Writing Activity

Observe a scene at home, work, or in your community and write down a list of

  • at least five to ten nouns
  1. computer
  2. laptop
  3. Joan
  4. girl
  5. learner
  6. pencil
  7. wacom
  8. painting
  9. cartoon
  10. comic
  • and five to ten adjectives
  1. old
  2. fast
  3. lucky
  4. feminine
  5. avid
  6. sharp
  7. snappy
  8. intricate
  9. funny
  10. interesting

As I worked on this little exercise it occurred to me that this is another way of starting kids off drawing cartoons.  See Spineless Wonders 

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