Second Activity from Crafting Writing

2nd Activity  continue your list of nouns and adjectives by adding in five to ten verbs and adverbs. Then, write a couple of sentences using the list of nouns, adjective, verbs, and adverbs.

(I had to go and check up on adverbs!)

1. started slowly

2. booted quickly

3. blinked demurely

4. protected possessively

5. struggled passively

6.stood forlornly

7. worked magnificently

8. gushed enthusiastically

9. laughed uproariously

10. insulting manner

Sentence One.  The exhausted , old computer started slowly in the corner.

Sentence Two.  The brand new laptop booted quickly as we watched in delight.

Sentence Three.   Joan blinked demurely as she possessively protected her new Wacom from jealous eyes.

Sentence Four.   The disenchanted learners struggled with their sharp pencils passively.

Sentence Five.  Reporters gushed enthusiastically  as they admired the traditional painting as it hung lifelessly on the wall.

Sentence Six.  The funny cartoon the artist had drawn on the Wacom soon multiplied to become an admired comic.

I feel like Clark Kent will enter the scene any minute!

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