Drawing a Feather

Downloadable Feather Lesson  Plan

Feather in the Wind – Gossip Escapes

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This Youtube Video of Drawing a Feather  is a great movie to play in the classroom because the music is awesome. (not sure what culture)  The video is by Juliana Maruau  and she seems to be building up a YouTube Channel of drawing exercises.

Downloadable Feather Lesson Plan
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The Story of the Gossip and the Feathers

Purpose:  This exercise is a fun way to look not only at the harm gossip can do – but also at the idea that it can sometimes be impossible to stop the spread of gossip once it has started.


You tube Video : Drawing a Feather 

Story : Feathers in the Wind

Cartridge paper & drawing implements.   Scissors

Video and Still camera (optional)


Step 1.             Read the story Feathers in the Wind to the students.  Have the music from the drawing clip playing softly in the background but don’t show drawing video yet

Step 2.             Play the Drawing a Feather video and have it on loop. Turn down sound whenever you need to speak.

Step 3.             Have the students draw very large feathers on their A4 cartridge paper.  Tell them they will need to cut out the feathers at the end of the lesson. Large clear and crisp; remind them of their templating exercises.

Step 4.             Relax into the lesson.

Step 5.             When students have refined their work.  Take the cutouts out into the wind and throw them into the air.  Each student can rescue one feather and scan it and upload to Blog.

Step 6.             Tweet the URL of the scanned feathers to Twitter without making any attempt to find out who “let the feather go.”  They can start their tweet  “ found floating”

Step 7.             The point of the lesson is fairly obvious.  Revisit if ever some controversy or episode of gossip is bothering the class.

Downloadable Feather Lesson Plan

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