A Review of Crusty’s Views! for Ross Hutchinson

This video comes from Teachers Pay Teachers.  I am just learning my way around this site.

This video was made by Ross Hutchinson

He was originally approached by Big Brothers Big Sisters to create a video to help at risk kids.  He talks on his space about not wanting to create the video as a rap style.    He says that he did not want to take the project because white rap is generally not very authentic.
I am hoping to interview him about this within the context of the Treatment Style series.
He set out to create a video about the same topics in a more universal fashion.
The topics are Nutrition, Smoking, Exercise, Drinking and Conflict.
Hopefully those who see this will accept it for what it is, a heartfelt appeal to be kind to yourself.
It has been designed to help folks cope with the temptations of modern living and discover healthy alternatives to bad habits.  Although it has designed for at risk kids of all ages.
Te video is free and available for download through Teachers Pay Teachers, because Ross is asking for feedback.
So here is mine.
I believe that the video has wider appeal that Ross thinks.   He has targeted it to K-12.
However as a reviewer of animations I see many that are actually pitched to the adults who take the kids to the movies.  Such is this little video also a broad pitch at all generations.  Let’s face it we all face the same daily battle.
I love Country and Western and this slow Southern Drawl provides humour to the story line (as does some of the rhyming).  The little video works in many ways.
I would like to know what program Ross used to create this?
I think it might be a good video to show a senior animation class!  The message might get across whilst the students are viewing it for other reasons.
Good work Ross thanks for the example.

3 thoughts on “A Review of Crusty’s Views! for Ross Hutchinson

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