Free Spanish Resources – Carnival of Animals

This music clip is to be played as soft background music as the children draw.  Resources created  by La Profesora Frida accompany the lesson.  They are free to download as an introduction to the work of the writer.  (I found this free resource described below on Teachers Pay Teachers)

Carnaval de los  Animales (1886) is a humorous musical suite of fourteen movements by the French Romantic composer Camille Saint-Saëns, and is about 25 minutes long.  The first performance of this work was in 1922.  A team of contributors have collaborated to include  poster/signs for all 14 pieces, and a coloring page for each one for the children.

The website belongs to “LaProfesoraFrida” an innovative teacher who got her name after she began dressing up as Frida Kahlo to teach an art history / Spanish lesson for her Spanish students.  The lessons offered on her site are (as she says) engaging, relevant, authentic lessons.

La Profesora Frida kindly translated the CARNIVAL OF ANIMALS into Spanish for those of you would like this for your classes or music classes.  Carnaval de los  Animales 

Teachers Pay Teachers is a market place where teachers go to upload their resources and to browse the work of other teachers.  The first resource for each teacher is uploaded for free so that other teachers can check out the style, quality, themes and approach of the author.  This free resource is usually a good one as it acts as a first introduction for the author/ teacher.  If you find a resource you particularly like please let me know.

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