Fourth Writing Activity

Crafting an Effective Writer 

  • Prepositions are words that connect nouns and pronouns to other words and show the relationship between the words.
  • Conjunctions are words that link other words in a sentence and indicate the relationship between those words.
  • Interjections express surprise, emotion, or demand attention.
  • Adjective Clause
  • Adverb Clause;
  • Noun Phrase:
  • Verb Phrase
  • Active verbs, Active and Consistent Tense
  • Subject Verb Agreement

The small clump of bushes, which is beneath the old windmill located down by the creek is almost always going under water in the rainy season.  Because the river causeways have changed their direction, the windmill is in disuse now and the land stretches out around it in its dull parched covering, lazing dejectedly in the hazy sun.  The spindly leaves are dry and parched and they move continually, sometimes dropping small rotting debris, which becomes leaf litter.  Humus gathers beneath the clump, acting as a prophecy to portend plentiful abundant foliage that will spring from the mound when the rains come again to fertilize and nourish the land. The rotating blades catch the light as they spin slowly around, chunking and clanking as they flap forlornly in the gusty wind.   A shimmer glazes over the scene as heat drifts up from the browning earth skywards.  The contrast of flashing metal and the dry rotting bush signify the way things change over time.

I’ll come back and explain all this later, It is from a course I am doing on Coursera.

Crafting an Effective Writer    The course is designed to help us hone the basics of writing. (Professional and Academic)  and the course instructors it will be useful in many aspects of our life.  The course instructors are Professors Larry Barkley, Ted Blake, Lorrie Ross,  & the MSJC Course Production Team! Jo

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