Pointillist Georges Seurat a Master of Colour

Global Citizens Creative Arts Text  is set to be accompanied by a series of related work books.  The first set in the series is book filled with activities which explore, investigate and explain the 8 Elements of Design.  The element we will now investigate is POINT.

The activity serves to introduce the work of Georges Seurat (1859 – 1891) a French painter and draftsman who’s impact  altered the direction of modern art by initiating Neo-impressionism.

Relaxing into Pointillism

This relaxation exercise is meant to be kept extremely simple.   (If some of the students become engrossed by Pointillism they could pursue their interest as an extension activity.)

Georges Seurat 1888

Creative Commons / Author Unknown.

When finished the students are to scan, clean and upload their work to the class Blog.  If possible create a slide show like  Georges Seurat Slideshow and add copyright free music.

  • Set up the Georges Seurat Slideshow on a projector accompanied by some relaxing music. (of your choice)
  • Set up a still life in the centre of the class room.
  • Students are to create an impression of this still life using only dots to create the tonal range.
  • They may not use lines.  They may use implied lines as indicated in the text.
  • Be sure to explain that students are expected to capture the subtleties of shadow and that they are to explore texture through the use of point .

Relax have fun. First finishers can create an online jigsaw.


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