Thoughts about why Finland’s education consistently stars by Nick Berry

Finland is always interesting to read about and this article is well worth the effort of reading. Thanks Nick Berry.

Teacher autonomy and a flexible curriculum are reasons often cited as the reason why Finland has a well respected education system. Nicki Berry takes the argument a step further and says that the students also have a more healthy, affirming and empowering environment so that they are happy and relaxed when they study.

Finland Stars

Acknowledging that not all countries can afford to allow children to walk themselves off to school due to stranger danger and different sets of environmental reasons the author argues that there is a different way of thinking that makes teaching easier.

It is the attitude to special needs. Teachers are paid by the hour and if they need to conduct extra tuition and coaching they are paid to do so. It seems from reading the article that the environment would be more even.

In stead of a situation where select students are expected to STAR, each student is given a fair go.

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