Nyadbi’s work seen from above

Nyadbi is a Gija artist from the East Kimberley Region in Western Australia.

When I heard a copy of her work was being displayed on the roof of a French Gallery I didn’t quite know what everybody meant!  Do you?  It is permanently visible from the Eifel Tower.

Finally I found this video and you can see quite clearly how they have displayed the copy of the Indigenous artists work.

I had to think this all through.  Indigenous work is often painted with the canvas laid flat out in front of the artists.  Much of the time it is Western convention that causes the work to bthen be tipped up and framed for display.

So I guess that displaying it in this way makes sense.

Still it is a very novel approach.  The viewers take a lift upwards and view the work from above.

The story is quite engaging.  It is about Baramundi that escape and spread their scales around the world.



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