Teaching Math Through Art (Math is FUN!)

In due course we will be investigating teaching math through dance.   In the meantime I discovered this way of teaching math through visual art when researching Jigsaws.

Here is a pictorial explanation of how to construct tessellation   Tessellations and how to design them is better understood by copying then through any other method.

Read and copy from Math’s Is FUN!

The amazing thing is that there is an online software program that makes creating tessellations a breeze.  It is called Tessellation Artist.   On this site there is not only instructions but also quizzes to be sure the students understand the concepts.

Maths is Fun is not a paid cite.  There is one thing they would like us to do to ensure that students continue to benefit from these resources. CONTRIBUTE!  If you would like to make a community gesture  such as an article, animation, puzzle or image that you would like to contribute, please consider doing so – it will help so many people.


Global Citizens Art

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