Community of eLearning Inquiry and Studio Based Practice

A process of making and writing, aimed towards a creative outcome, which synergises artwork, literacy and numeracy. How to work in synergy towards a successful project based inquiry process is the focus of each of the texts and the networked methodology.

A way of working that offers

  • A way for artists to collaborate in the classroom to develop initial ideas and take them in multiple directions.
  • A way so that groups can work happily together on creative arts projects by keeping track of distinct modes of expression, without “losing the plot and descending into chaos.”
  • Learning how to capitalise on Reflective Practice as the model for a creative methodology and providing a tool for teachers who want to work with students as learning partners.

Jigsaw Creation: One of the Many Tools for Setting Up an eCLISP

The first vehicle of expression used to explore this way of working is jigsaw creation.  By blending ways of working with the design and construction of jigsaws both virtual and traditional an inventive methodology has emerged.  This way of working not only encourages studio practice, but provides contexts for writing and math as well as socio-emotional learning, entrepreneurial thinking and a process through which students “learn how to learn.”

How to Transverse this Process

The evolution of transmedia has been an exciting evolvement in the educational scene as well as a daunting prospect.    Just the idea of the complexity of the style of expression and the possible reach of the community projects tends to turn K-12 educators away from the idea.

The first book Virtual and Traditional Jigsaws in the Classroom has been designed so that teachers only need to “dip into” the worksheets and begin the process of exploration with one tiny project.  If this works – try another.  After a time of trial and experimentation, teachers will gain a feel for this way of working.   At some stage, the ideas contained in the processes will “take.”   There is no need for this way of working  to become overwhelming.

The projects have been designed as a working methodology informed by Gestalt approaches to curriculum design encouraged by Whole Language and Functional approach to literacy.

Global Citizens Creative Arts Text is an Interactive Book, designed to introduce a switched on, connected, interactive creative arts learning community.

Here you will find strategies and insights matched by worksheets and lesson ideas. These resources serve to establish a way of working that can be developed over a time.

The book and the portal complement each other.  There is no charge for the use of the portal, and for now feel free to download additional worksheets, lesson plans and other complimentary PDF files at no charge.

Please share them around. Resources complimentary with the purchase of this publication will always remain freely available.


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