Australian Self-Image

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The Changing Nature of Australian Identity

Have immigration, acceptance of refugee citizenship, multiculturalism, & acknowledgement of Indigenous history changed Australian Identity?
Art has an amazing ability to bring about intercultural understanding and when a country like Australia is so rapdily becoming multicultural in nature : intercultural dialogue can be fun, exciting, adventurous but also challenging.
This is a lively multi media laden intercultural space where people from all over the world can explore the intercultural discussions that spring up around the interface of community dialogue through the Creative Arts in Australia.Do you have an opinion or a resource to share that would contribute to the dialogue?
Would you like to write an article or suggest a subject for discussion.
If so sign up and chat about it on the discussion boards – YOU ARE HERE!Starting points for discussion include:** a series created by The Refugee Council of Australia called How Far We Have Come has been used to point out the benefits brought to Australia by refugees. This website explores the lives of refugees in Australia over time – they first told us their stories up to 25 years ago and have since been tracked to find out what happened since. These and other Articles show how expressive arts are often the bridge through which communication builds understanding.** stories about and discussions with Indigenous Australians who have promoted acceptance and have made great contributions to the way we Australian people think about the past and now – again the arts are often a vehicle through which these Australians speak

And on the more disturbing side of the conversation, discussions about programmes like “Go Back Where You Came From” will be highlighted along with exhibitions which articulate some concerns about troubling trends with regards Australian acceptance of the “other” showing that we as Australian people still have a distance to travel if we are to live up to our own slogan “Land of the Great Fair GO!”

3 thoughts on “Australian Self-Image

  1. john zande

    Australian identity is one of those elusive things, isn’t it. (I’m Australian, but living in Brazil). Drive in any direction for 100km’s and you’ll get a different answer. Sadly, none will include the beauty of the aboriginal nations.


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