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Make Online Jigsaws: Send as eCards


from Global Citizen

Preparing artwork for an online jigsaw is very easy.  If you are doing a lesson on a topic such as Closure. Gestalt: The Elements of Design and have decided to encourage the students to upload their work online,  you could do it for them (Not recommended) but it might be better to teach students to do it themselves.  After some time, it will be an extension activity that the students can do alone.   They will also receive reinforcement when they send their completed jigsaw as an eCard.

This extension exercise is a great way to consolidate lessons learned while teaching them to be producers rather than consumers.

(A) The first step is to think of an idea

  • A joke
  • A comic strip
  • An illustrated Haiku
  • A Card
  • An Origami Design
  • A collage

In this case we have used the cartoon from last lesson.   Shelly Jigsaw Puzzle

Online Jigsaw

(B)  Now scan the work and clean it in an editor such as PICASSA or Photoshop.

(C) Resize the image.  This can be done in an editor.  It must be 300 * 400 pixels.

If the jigsaw is not the right shape allow JigZone to fill in the blank space with grey.  This ensures the younger students have an edge to work against. It also ensure that there is an edge for jigsaws that are more complex and have more pieces.  If you are unclear about what this means – do this jigsaw. Shelly Jigsaw Puzzle  This is a more complicated puzzle.

(D) Make sure you/they save the file as a .jpg or .gif (Required)

(E) Once you have registered create a gallery.  I highly recommend that for a class Blog you have one folder for every classroom activity.  It sill ensure you can locate the students work later.  It is also wise to teach the students about filing so that they don’t end up in a tangled mess.

(F) Once the gallery is prepared upload the file.

(G) Make decisions about size and select the appropriate sizing box.

(H) Show the students that they can send their jigsaw as a card.   They can send the jigsaw home to show their parents what they have been doing in class that day and wait for a reply.  They can also send the card to each other in class explaining the topic of the day as a way of writing about the task at hand.

(I) Add to the class Blog

Now is the time for them to Twitter their creations.

The Benefits of Creating Jigsaws from Student Work

  •  This project is interactive and dynamic.
  • Students can showcase their work to their parents and friends and receive feedback.
  • It is an extension activity.
  • The process can illustrate other points (such as closure).
  • It is fun.  Be sure that students help each other and a classroom atmosphere of friendship comes about through the exercise.
  • A gallery of cards is created.  These can be showcased at Exhibitions and Open Days.  It is a great way to create resources.