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Watercolor Wednesday by Elena Caravela

This work is very sensual and well executed quickly and described by Elena Caravela as “a pause within a move…spontaneous figure sketches.”

In Global Citizens Creative Arts Text we have referred to this kind of drawing as Gesture Drawing.  I will come back to flesh out this post about a post (Reblog) by showing you some of theory behind why gesture drawing should have a very important place within modern curriculum for all children. In GCA, I intertwine gesture drawing with Haiku in the context of impromptu and improvisation.

In this way we not only teach the students the language of each of the five strands of the Creative Arts but also work with them at an emotional level. The point of Creative Arts Leadership is to work with emotional memory, positive intelligence and through multimodal methodology to work with emotional material, literacy and social awareness so that students become critically literate.   Related Post Creativity Saboteurs

NB ** This blog post is not finished I will retrieve some resources and return.



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A pause within a move…spontaneous figure sketches:figures

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