Principles and Elements of the Creative Arts

Join an exploration of the principles and elements of the many areas contained under the umbrella of the CREATIVE ARTS. This channel is a quest to sort through and sift out the elements of each strand of the creative arts in an attempt to narrow the conversation. This attempt to focus the conversation has been initiated for pragmatic reasons. It is thought that there must be some essential main principles that are common to and would be capable of unifying the creative arts as a whole.

Please join the discussion and post articles – bring your friends – let’s hope this becomes a fiery debate!

For the most part people “just know” when an activity is a certain art form because we habitually engage with many traditional art forms within our culture without thinking. If puzzled about where an artistic expression fits; most people work out whether the expression is drama or dance is by going through a mental check-list . Are they moving? Is there music? Or is the implied music rhythm? Pretty soon by thinking in this way, we work out what genre the activity or visual representation would belong to.

However within the context of the Post Modern World, the boundaries that once divided the creative arts into neat subsections has become blurred.
The list below comes from an article about what we now think of as the hybrid arts and the effect they have had on the so called “pure” traditions.
• Concept Art.
• Performance Art .
• Installation Art
• Multimedia Art
• Hybrid Art
• MOOCs and eLearning and Hybrid Reference
• Social Media

These advances to the way we think about and engage with art have evolved and emerged through innovative activities within the arts and though innovations by artists who were often seen as activists in their hey day, An inability of educators and funding bodies to come to grips with hybrid synergies may be what has held the arts back within the context of Australian Education.

Indeed the Australian Government eventually put the Arts on hold – effectively leaving the Arts out of the National Curriculum. Is it possible that this non-inclusion was a result of the creative art world not coming to an agreed upon definition about the principles and elements of these subject areas. This has left the arts in Australia in a very tricky and vulnerable state.

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