Rapid eLearning

Getting a Grip on Rapid eLearning

Rapid eLearning is about empowering learning in collaborative online environments so that members can share expertise in a timely manner.
Many people think that it is impossible to learn practical subjects like Visual Art online!
They also wonder whether learning drama or dance this way could even make sense.

What some forget is that online learning is often offered in what is called blended mode.

This means that people do come together to learn and meet each other but after gathering information and learning the ropes and what is expected they go off and get the theoretical side of the learning done – from the comfort of home.

This space is about talking over ways to make distance learning supported by communities online and just in time education in the form of email instruction workable.

Get involved in this ongoing conversation – take an online course and journal your experience.

If you would like to sign up and post an article or ask for an article about a topic that interests you.

If you are a student here is your chance to have a whinge or to let us know how you like the course you have/are experiencing.

Getting a Grip on Rapid elearning is a space where arts based practitioners, educators and technology experts can share their knowledge of multi-media to talk about ways to engage audiences for the educational content they share. There is so much more to managing rapid elearning than simply writing well designed instructional courses. Instructional course design is one thing – but – helping students manage this innovative style of collaborative learning requires organisation and time management. Students can become overwhelmed and they can become isolated or they can become liberated and empowered. This channel invites submissions from all practitioners within the field and aims to look at every aspect of online education.

4 thoughts on “Rapid eLearning

    1. nextperu Post author

      Hi Kate,
      Nice to catch up! How is the course going? I am looking at launching my courses in September. Will you have graduated by then? Jo

  1. Kate

    I’m not studying this semester as I have to get a job and earn some money. I haven’t enrolled in the Diploma. Going for a job skills assessment tomorrow about a casual job in Transport Dept. Hope we can stay in touch. 🙂


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