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FREE VSA Webinar Series – Meeting Behavioral Challenges in Teaching Artist Residencies – What Shall I Do Next??

I have been experimenting with ScoopIt. This newsy article came up to announce this seminar.
Meeting Behavioral Challenges in Teaching Artist Residencies
Wed, Jul 24, 2013 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM AEST
I wondered if an Australian such as myself would be able to go so clicked the link and yes it seems fine from an Ozi to attend!
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Webinar Registration:

Description: This webinar will offer practical approaches and strategies for dealing with the many situations which present themselves to teaching artists (TAs) working in schools, in out-of-school settings, and in studio and community arts programs and workshops. It will stress problem-solving techniques, ways to make the most of good communication with other teachers, staff, and students themselves, and real-life examples of ways to work through common and uncommon challenges with a variety of learners, including those with disabilities and with behavioral issues. It will also touch on TA-teacher collaboration and how it helps meet these needs.

Intended Audience: Teaching Artists, teachers who have TAs in their classes, paraprofessionals, school specialists (OT, PT, Speech and Language, etc.), specials teachers (Art, Music, Dance, Theater), community art program organizers, administrators interested in arts programming in their schools or organizations.


Deborah Stuart, VSA New Hampshire – Deborah is a teaching artist with more than forty years of experience working with young children through music, traditional instruments, and folklore. She has consulted and worked as a trainer extensively in New Hampshire and across the US for VSA and its affiliates, for schools and for community and cultural organizations.

Janice Hastings, Director of Development and Marketing at New Heights – Adventures for Teens – Janice has 25 years in non-profit arts, education and after school programming at the state and national level. Her experience ranges from coordinating arts and vocational programming in a residential facility for teens to management of statewide artist residency programs. For the past 10 years she has worked in the field of after school for youth.

Real-time captioning will be available

It is pleasing to see this service will be available during the Webinar presentation. If you need any additional accommodations, please contact Lisa Damico at lvdamico@kennedy-center.org by July 16.
This seminar is hosted by the Kennedy Centre

In recent years the Kennedy Center has dramatically expanded its education programs to reach young people, teachers, and families throughout the nation. A clear sign of the Center’s commitment to the arts for young people and families is the Family Theater, which opened in 2005.

The education programs of the Kennedy Center have become models for communities across the country and have unlocked the door to learning for millions of young people.