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The Two Cell Cartoon

Hopeful Shelly

A Play On Words

2 Cell Punch Through (Download & Print Worksheet)

Feel Valued

A simple play on words is the best way to get started.

This is an example of taking a common concept “snail mail” and using it in a different sense snail male. By showing them how to turn words around you might just be able to get a daily Twitter started.  Even if year three boys think this is a bit corny they will realise that all they have to do to create a good solid cartoon is flick through the dictionary look for words that can have double meanings.  It is even better if there needs be a change of spelling.

Once we upload a lot of these it is just as easy to turn them into concept check flash cards as well.

I will upload the worksheets here soon.  This is a good exercise to do as a class collaboration.  If twenty students illustrate 2 cartoons each a nice little joke book should emerge.   If it is presented nicely it might make a good Christmas present.

There is another way to go about the source material for teaching children to illustrate  material.   Go to a basic funny joke page.  Get general ideas from the pages.  be sure to teach the students about copyright.  Sketch out a rough draft and sen that to the author.

Have a formal permission to idea template ready for the kids to fill out and send off to the author of the joke.  I will place all of this into the lesson plans when they go online.


Find more activities like these in Global Citizens Creative Arts Text.  Insights and Activities.