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Half Drop Pattern An Exercise for Virtual and Traditional Jigsaw Creation (both)

Pieces DroppedThis is a simple example of a half drop relief pattern.

How to Make Half Drop Jig Saw.  (Download Worksheet)

Click to Mix and Solve

Here is a neat way to include all students of the class as you create one gigantic jigsaw.

It will be done by creating your own simple templates, which can be used together with  a form of traditional doodling.   The initial part of the exercise can be carried out as a relaxation exercise.

Very Basic Template

Very Basic Template

You can draw the template or one of the students can design it.  This is simple felt pen on cartridge paper which has been scanned into Photoshop.

At this stage if you will be consistently working in JigZone keep all templates on some proportion of 300*400pixels.  This way you will always be able to scale it down to the correct shape.

This is one of the most simple forms of template for half drop repeat pattern.  The idea is that there are some “touch points” that allow students to connect up their work.  They work on the images separately and then place them side by side on the floor and they will connect to create a larger picture.

If you have your class all doodle into the centre inmage of the shape but leave the surrounds blank it will all connect up.  The trick is to have the students upload their own version separately and make a jigsaw to go into their Jigzone folder.
Here are some samples of different ways to use the same template
Triage Jigsaw Puzzle    triage copy

not dropped

not dropped

They can also either combine the images in Photoshop as I have done or they can connect the real pages and take a large photo which they then clean and crop.  When it is correctly resized they will have a jigsaw – with one small part created by them.

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