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The Power of FRASB a Vehicle for Creative Opinions

Creative Opinions with FRASB

More and more in this switched on ‘connected’ world artists are striving to find ways to connect, but in a meaningful manner that does not intrude.  Twitter is good, but it often lacks the visual creative impact that artists require.  FRASB, on the other hand, relies on the power of the image to make a statement.

FRASB it an application for a mobile phone or android.  It combines the capacity of the mobile phone with the immediacy of Twitter like posts.   Each post has between 300-500 characters.

To FRASB successfully, users take a a picture (or create one) and post it using an Ap that can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.

The reduced use of text, combined with the power of the image condenses the creative statement making it more powerful and topically relevant.

To make the most of this medium, artists will most likely develop a strong theme and post their creative opinion daily.   The location info combined with graphics that are concentrated (zoomed in) to avoid empty white space, explained with pithy text can be pushed forward. By pushing the message forward to Facebook, Pinetrest and Twitter using # hash tags artists have found the perfect medium to develop an insightful message.

IvoryRock_jzWhen I posted about the graphic above, I combined Ivory Rock and two pictures of Donovan and a link to “Mountain”   I used some of the lyrics of the song.  Click Puzzle of the Day IvoryRock Jigsaw Puzzle

“First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is,” with a Go Greens sentiment.

FRASB is tipped to become an innovative player in the mobile, creative comment/opinion tool box of artists wanting to connect with their audiences daily.  I hope that soon the medium is able to incorporate  short lyrics into the file so that the message is able to deliver that double whammy!

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