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The Power of Words: How to Step into a New Truth

I have only recently become aware of the work of Marlene Chism.
I amazed by the fit between our two Educational Philosophies.  I had already begun writing about the work of Ruiz and had posted this article at Suite101.com

The 4 Agreements as an Arts Based Project.

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By making don Miguel Ruiz principles for living visible, art teachers can present practical strategies for integration of his wisdom philosophy into the arts classroom.
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Design a creative arts assignment so that students become familiar with the philosophy of don Miguel Ruiz. By making his simple principles for living visible, art teachers can present practical aspects of class ethos for discussion. Once these installations, performances or paintings are viewed, practical strategies for integration of the “ideals for class living” can be devised. Ideas about personal integrity can become an aspect of the common language of the class. Strategies for vitalizing and revitalizing the philosophy within the classroom ethos can be consolidated as classroom relationships develop during the year.


Stop Your Drama

 If you want to step into a new truth, you must start talking about yourself differently. I recommend The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz to help you create a new truth.  Ruiz says that if you want that if you want to experience heaven on earth you must learn to keep the first agreement: Be impeccable with your word. Ruiz says that the first agreement is actually the most important of the four agreements and the most difficult to keep.

At first glance, keeping the first agreement didn’t so difficult to me.  I keep my commitments. I do what I say I’m going to do and I’m known to be honest and trustworthy, but according to Ruiz, the definition is much broader than keeping commitments and being trustworthy. Unbeknownst to me, I made an assumption about what it means to be impeccable.  I guess I’m not so good at…

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