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Imagine! The Science of Creativity

Although Jacobs Process is taking a long time to get into print, it is heartening to find so many other researchers heading in the same direction and making the same claims that I have been making as I design the process as a work flow.

One author whose work I have always admired is Joanah Lehrer.  Now I find his work supports the underpinning foundations of Jacobs Process.              

Today’s Online Jigsaw.

Jacobs Process a Way of Working  

The idea behind Jacobs Process is to create a multivariant context for learning.  Enthocentricity no more!  One of my claims is that to be a creative country Australia must start to look to the influx of creativity from other countries and learn from the

  •    cultural heritage people bring with them when they come to Australia
  •    sense of urgency people have when they set up a new way of life
  •    capacity to appreciate a new way of life free from oppression

It is true that I seem to have been alone in this way of thinking. And yet all over the world one can see this intermingling and a new sense of vitality and mission.  Once (upon a time) missionaries went out to spread a religious message.  These days it is more likely to be Socially Entrepreneurial involvement and a sincere desire to find ways to save the planet.

None the less whatever the source of modern missionary zeal it is also evidence of a new creativity and a positive sense of We First. (We First 2012)   On page 239, Lehrer says after outlining why the educational system should change to allow a more creative way of thinking to emerge……

If we are not going to properly educate our own children, then we need to at least open the doors and encourage immigration.

That is a completely different way of looking at both refugeeism and immigration.  Rather than

They’ll come here and take our jobs

thinking changes to

They’ll come here and through stimulating the economy in a creative way they will create more jobs!

The Science of Creativity

One of the meta ideas contained in this fascinating book about the science of creativity claims that

ages of excess genius are always accompanied by ne forms of human mixing.

Lehrer goes on to show examples all down through the ages wherein the upheavals of man and the accompanying resettlement of cultures has been the stimulous for new insight creativity and invention.

I will not attempt to unpack ideas put forward by Lehrer all in one go.  Over a period of time I will unpack his ideas showing examples from Global Citizens Creative Arts Text (and more specifically Jacobs Process) as they are ready to be explained completely.  They will be accompanied by worksheets and other insightful material.

Practical GuideSufficient to say that when Virtual and Traditional Jigsaws in the Classroom is released next week it will be filled with practical ways that teachers can work through the gestalt to multivariant specifics of a process to unleash this creative material.    This practical handbook will in turn show readers how to create an ideal fertile environment for fully inclusive learning.