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Minecraft – electronic Legos

This is a short fun reblog from SocioPolitical Dysfunction a political site.
However side stepping the politics and the humour of the post – it does raise a question pertinent to education?

Approaches to Education

What’s better putting the kids in front of a computer screen or giving the kids real and tangible toys to play with?

Clearly I am in favour of balance and blend.  Are you? Click on the link below to POLL

Virtual Worlds in the Classroom: How much gaming does your classroom have?

The problem teachers face is in finding ways to come up with a balanced blend?
What I am doing in the new book about to be launched on Teachers Pay Teachers called Traditional and Virtual Puzzle Worlds is modell a proactive answer to this dichotomy.
Sometime today my first book Global Citizens Creative Arts Text. Insights and Activities will be set to $0 for two days so that people can download a copy.
I am after feedback about the strategies and insights.

Feel Valued

SocioPolitical Dysfunction



5 Reasons Minecraft is better than Legos

5. $20 buys the whole world of Minecraft not just one Lego vehicle.

4. Stepping on a Lego is hurts.

3. A couple MB save files takes up a lot less space than a Lego castle.

2. Saving a Minecraft game is easier than picking up Legos.

1. I’m not allowed to blow up my Legos with TNT.

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