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Spineless Wonders – Great Way to Teach Kids Cartooning

FlightySpineless Wonders: Simple Cartoonng & Concept Check 

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I really like Miss Katykins cartooning venture!  This is a simple format question answer.  If you are teaching the kids simple humour set them up in pairs and one asks a question and the other intentionally gives an ‘off the wall’ reply.

This might be a good time to do a concept check.

Bewteen a Rock and a Hard Place

Alternatively you could find a knock-knock joke book and ask the kids to illustrate the cartoons in pairs.

Please post examples here I would love to see them.  Here are some knock knock jokes to get you started.

This is an extremely simple way to get the kids up and running.  All they need is a simple sheet of paper and some pencils and colouring pencils.  Later we will talk about how to scan and refine in Illustrator but for now this is a really simple quick way to Blog and to Twitter.

Sometimes all you need to do is look for the double meaning in words – viola!  A Joke Cartoon.

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