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Writing on the Wall

WRITINGHow will we know when the writing is on the wall?

If we don’t let the young talk at all

About their fears n’ their resentments and such

Why do we force them to say,  “Thank you so much!”


When we’ve wrecked the world with a desire for cars

For goods and for money that cause all the wars.

Just look at Syria – what’s that all about?

Who are the good guys and who are the louts?


Take a look at Africa

We’ve stolen all their goods

Made them work them mines

While labeling THEM as hoods!

Where’s the conversation

The debate and all of that

We go after them with a stick

Protected by policeman’s hats

Give the kids a canvas

Ask them about their thoughts

Ask them why they’re rebelling

With artwork and cavorts

Provide them with the surfaces and the spray can paint

Make the paint chalk then so you accountant doesn’t feint


Let’s go back to Syria and ask what that’s about?

It all about OUR violence

It’s really about us!

It’s about what we are doing to New Guinea

To self-protect ………………………no matter how unjust

There’s no doubt we’ve all been failures

About this there’s no defense!

And yet we punish children

Just for spraying on a fence!

This poetry was written for FRASB.  If you would like to add verse please feel free to do so below.