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Teachers Pay Teachers: An Affirmative Paradigm

NB* For help setting up at TPT it is important to use this referral link
This info graphic is completely convincing for any one who doubts that a person could make a living on the Internet.

Convincing Statistics

Internet marketers hype up the idea that if you sell an attractive product into spaces where interested parties are looking for exactly ‘that‘ kind of thing, you should sustain reasonable profits. This will be especially so if you learn how to use social marketing in a sustained and informed manner.

The logic behind this way of thinking is obvious.

There are a few things holding teachers back from this scenario of sharing and empowerment.

  • developing an attractive product
  • knowing how to package the product in a variety of ways
  • using social media in an informed and sustained manner
  • understanding SEO and marketing
  • lack of support and perhaps a little touch of self sabotage

Global Citizens Facebook Support Group

Teachers Pay Teachers has been set up so that teachers empower each other.  Rather than experience competition, support has been built into the system.   Teachers who introduce other teachers will receive 5% of their income for a two year period.  This means that the more teachers each of us  support the better our incomes will be.  No one loses everyone gains.

I have already introduce 4 teachers to TPT and intend to introduce many more.   Rather than just concentrate on developing my own products, I have also concentrated on learning the kinds of skills that will ensure I can support ad nurture my team.

Support will come in the form of

  • help to format files and prepared them for iPad and other devices
  • Kindle formatting
  • an information system about making sure resources are “ready” for each countries core teaching system
  • article swaps and Blog Roll promotion
  • a Facebook support site where people can support and chat over ideas with each other
  • Illustration and help with artistic concepts
  • support to have work translated on places such as Elance where I have a profile Referral Link

If you would like more information about this initiative please email: global.citizens.art@gmail.com
Or go to the Support Site and request membership at Global Citizens Art Facebook.