OHS Specifically Targeted for Arts Based Practitioners

Welcome arts and crafts people. This is a space to share concerns about Occupational Workplace Health and Safety issues.
If you would like to contribute to this space ask to join the channel you are welcome to write articles to submit or start up a discussion on the discussion boards.
Artists often work alone or in small groups and very often they are not very well funded or supported. If they were working in a factory or a business in the city – safety in the workplace would be regulated. The regulations of most of these kinds of occupations are enforced and there is usually someone employed to think about workplace health and safety issues. This ensures that everyone within the spaces where people are working are safe. Risk to the general public is minimised. The actions of people are policed and the area maintained so that they all are protected from their own lack of knowledge and from the lack of knowledge of others.
The Risks of Artists Working Alone and With Others
Artists often work alone or in small coops in art and craft studio environments or at home. There is no one employed specifically to oversee the health and safety aspects and policies and usually artists seek solitude so that they are left to their own device. It is up to artists to put safety plans in place. But it is also easy for artists to forget or be overwhelmed by these issues.
“This can be difficult if the practitioner is unaware of the possible chemical, physical or psychological problems associated with their studio habits and conditions.” (NAVA OHS accessed 2012)
This a support network where you can bring up issues and talk over concerns.

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