etwistGlobal Citizen Creative Arts text has been designed to work in synch with the ease and simplicity of Android technology.  This because Android  has grown to become the most widely used smartphone operating system[18] and its fast mobile experience and the open source nature of the operating system is one of its defining strengths.

For value and advantages …………. eTwist ,……..

camera, recorder, video, storage, use web resources………all on one device

No matter whether you buy the book through Amazon Kindle (recommended) or through (Kindle Fire), Barnes & Noble (Nook), or others the openness and flexibility of your Android will allow you to

  • customise the device for the project at hand.  For example when the project requires that you record your work with audio or video the capability for capture are already available as they are inside the same device. 
  • download the PDF’s that are a complementary extra when you buy the book
  • download and store the music to be used with the lessons from the book
  • extensive customisation of devices by their owners and apps are freely available from non-Google app stores and third party websites. 
  • creating comics becomes so easy when you have all the necessary equipment at your finger tips in the Android (See example Grainy Lil’ Girl)  Join Pixton  How to Create Comics

If you would like a demonstration at your school email for appointment.

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