GC Worksheets Index

You will need to scroll down through the list to locate the worksheets and templates needed for each of the G.C activities. Please note that most of these templates are intended to introduce you to the idea of the technique or strategy   It is the aim of Global Citizen that participants learn how to  design their own activities based on the materials provided.

Letter Writing Templates


Drawing Exercises

  1. Gesture_Drawing_Just a Sense of Overall Form
  2. Downloadable Feather Lesson Plan Plan    Blog Post  Drawing feathers video with music and story.

Style Treatment Series

  1. Flapper Lesson Plan         Blog Post Dance Craze 1920’s


  1. Simple Mirrroring Exercise   Simon Says Game
  2. What_is_Mirroring?              Types         How To Set Up Mirroring


  1. Tips for Cutting the Workload

Drawing Guidelines

  1. Using Extension for Drawing
  2. How to Use Guidelines  
  3. Perspective  Reflection  Refraction

Digital Software and Drawing and Painting

  1. Closed Black Lines Prepared for Digitization


  1. DrawSpace.com      Structure and Form          Skin Tone          
  2. Hair Eyes and Features



  1. Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games (full) (This is a PDF document PDF – 8.5 MB) 
  2. Games Yrs 10-12 and post-school age (This is a PDF document PDF – 5.2 MB)
  3. Games Yrs 4-6 (This is a PDF document PDF – 8.1 MB)
  4. Games Yrs 7-9 (This is a PDF document PDF – 7.2 MB)
  5. Games Yrs K-3 (This is a PDF document PDF – 4.1 MB)

Drama    Music

Building Co-operative Community

How to Make Musical Instruments 

  1. How to Make a Rain Stick

Art Activities

Scripting and Story Board Templates

  1. Comic Pages_to_Comic Book
  2. How to Use Story Board Templates 
  3. Simple Landscape Template    PDF Not Editable  For rough draft 
  4. Simple Portrait Template   Dynamic Word Doc   Customise to suite needs
  5. Simple Portrait Template   PDF Not Editable  For rough draft
  6. Uneven Landscape Template  PDF Not Editable  For rough draft
  7. Uneven Landscape Template  Dynamic Word Doc   Customise to suite needs
  8. That Was Then But This Is Now  Grainy Lil’ Girl    Larry La Grouse

Scripting Software and Communities 


  1.  Automatic Email Subject Line (Filing) 
  2. Working With Polls Getting Started with Poll Daddy
  3. International Polling  Gathering data
  4. Graph Presentation Visual Info Graphic


  1. How to Make Online Jigsaws   Printable Worksheet  PDF (Cartooning Theme)
  2. How to Make a Jigzone_Jigsaw This is the neat PDF Version. (Screen Shots Instructional)
  3. How to Make a Jigsaw Invitation (PDF Downloadable)
  4. How to Copy from Morguefile_Wordpress
  5. How to Make Half Drop Jig Saw

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