Using Website Stats as Infographics

Teach about Social Science, Geography or People Society and Environment.  Where ever you go the name changes.  So does the Core Curriculum of the country where you are teaching. In Australia we call it the National Curriculum. I am sure there is something similar in each country.  If I wish to sell my “info products” in other countries, I must employ writers to ensure they are ready for the educational system.  That is the nature of the International Market.

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The Internet provides an array of systems and methodology with which to teach students.

Podcasting, Vodcasting and Info-graphics abound, and they are extremely useful.  Throughout both books  Global Citizens Creative Arts Text and  Virtual and Traditional Jigsaws in the Classroom, I encourage teachers to design and create these resources with their students, rather than just read them and learn from them as a consumer would.

In particular,  V&T Jigsaws explains how to get students up and running with classroom Blogs. Read:  The Benefits of a Classroom Blogging Community   There is a class Blog like this one and then a network of student Blogs. (Blog roll)  This system means that work is filed neatly for assessment and each student has the capacity to explore coding Html in a functional manner.

To make this process fun for the student (and the teacher) creating personal jigsaws has been used as a way of providing a framework for learning.  Read:  Teaching Thinking Strategies to Students Through Collaborative Puzzle Solving

This worksheet International Polling only skims the surface of what can be achieved when teams of students work with the statistics on their website to learn about people from all over the world.

Learning to Be Socially Entrepreneurial

In the article What Does it Mean to Be Entrepreneurial? I talk about ways teams can work in an entrepreneurial fashion to

  • build resources for the classroom
  • save money
  • raise funds for creative arts projects.

The entrepreneurial spirit is described as being like a sustainable ecology.

Using Website Info Graphics to Make Marketing Decisions

I am in the process of posting worksheets about Collecting ad “Selling Stamps and Coins on eBay”. These will become maths oriented, coding workbooks for the classroom. Global Citizens Art Worksheets Index

While I was writing the resources, creating exercises around this Infograph leadwebsite_stats me to ask questions like

  • What do I need to do to attract more Indian customers?  (Have my books translated)
  • USA and Canada are my greatest followers, what does this mean for product development. (Have the text books core ready)
  • Why don’t I have many Japanese visitors?  (Do I need to submit to Japanese search engines? (Write more about Yoko Ono?)
  • I would really like to talk more with educators from Finland.  (Perhaps I need to join Finnish educational support groups)
  • I am learning Spanish, how can I get even better?  (Join Spanish discussion groups and only speak in Spanish.)

These are just a few suggestions about how the maps provided by WordPress in the statistics section of Blog administration can help teachers and students make decisions about the direction of their artistic and educational endeavours.


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