Co-Contributory Paradigm of an eCLISP

This short video is available freely on YouTube

How to Crop and Clean in Photoshop

As part of the setting up of Global Citizens Creative Arts eCLISP, I will be arranging a reference Hybrid on a Blog. Clearly these lessons are the nuts and bolts of an ecological system that is emerging to form a progressive whole.

When we teach students how to use software such as Photoshop, Picasa, Photoshop Elements, Gimp or (and others), we are trying to show students how easy it is to find out for themselves how to do anything they want to.  By simply Googling the appropriate YouTube demonstration they can find our anything they want. That is the notion behind the iPad in the classroom revolution. Some Universities even give an iPad to the student on enrolment to be sure that the student can access lessons. Clearly this signifies how important it is that students are switched on and in to the revolution.

Anna C Golpe

When designing Hybrid Reference Centres you will find that certain providers come to the top of the list time and time again. Cream Rises. Calf Sucking Jigsaw Puzzle

I suggest that you credit these excellent content providers as often as possible!

If you are on Deviant Art for example, shout out about where you have learned your craft! This will send traffic to the sites that help us all stay ahead of the technological revolution,and this in turn will ensure that their venture will remain viable.

I personally choose to pay or donate to sites that are extremely valuable.  This is a personal choice, but it is good practice to model to those students keenly interested in becoming a key players in the ecology of the Internet.  In the article
What Does it Mean to be Entrepreneurial? I discussed the way that Linda and Bill Gates choose to spend their hard earned money supporting courses such as Coursera.
You will notice that I am compiling a page on my blog called Courses I Am Doing. This is to specifically acknowledge the tremendous benefit I have accepted by doing courses on places such as Coursera and Canvas. Chris Hilbig’s – Yes You Too Can Learn to Draw is also worth a mention.

Teach students about the ecological nature of the Internet

The Internet is not a resource that we should milk like a cow. No! Rather it is an ecology that we fertilize, tend and water with the nurturing intention of a farmer.  We are co-contributors nurturing a resource that will eventually emancipate the world because of people such as Bill and Linda Gates.  What we take so freely from the Internet we of course return just as generously.  When classes arrange their hybrid reference it is not only wise but also mutually advantageous if the schools reach out to brother and sister schools across the world.  It makes sense to share resources.  Sharing may simply mean checking out each other’s libraries, or it may be as intense as dividing the workload and cooperating between faculties.

There is nothing wrong with making money from the web.  But don’t denude the social landscape!  Don’t have a “take but not give back” attitude.  Follow the lead of Bill and Linda and work with others to be a part of a co-contributory paradigm such as an eCLISP.

I am in the process of setting up the Photoshop 4 Kids Library here and the Multi Media 4 Kids Reference Library here.

If you are setting up a library let me know and I will swap links with you. Please feel free to comment, ask questions and of course suggest answers to problems if you have them.


  • Murphy,J. (2013)  Global Citizens Creative Arts Text. Insights and Activities. Kindle.

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