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Teaching Kids to Write Formal Letters

Morning Stretch

A challenging unit can be tailored around letter writing into to a fun project based unit as an vital  aspect of the structure of the work.

By setting up the situation so that the student is likely to receive a reply from a real artist (in this case a photographer) the student is motivated to write a friendly but business like letter.

The first step is to make the Jigsaw and Insert the acknowledgment links into the Jigzone Jigsaw.  (Example below)

Click to Mix and Solve

Students will learn about various aspects of letter writing

The next step is to use the template provided.  Give the template to the students and ask them to write a letter to the photographer whose work they have used.  Thank You Letter (Jigzone example)

On the template you will see that I have listed the various skills needed by the students to be able to complete this task.

They include

  • make online jigsaws and include the copyright links
  • tracking down the contact details and appropriate salutation to include on the letter
  • writing the letter with appropriate movement through the body structure
  • closure and inclusion of links into the body of the letter
  • sending the email Thank You Letter


  1. How to Make Online Jigsaws   Printable Worksheet  PDF (Cartooning Theme)
  2. How to Write a Letter of Appreciation. Thank You Letter (Jigzone example)