Fluxus – Lighting Piece

Please view   Fluxus Playing “Lighting Piece” Yoko Ono


Synergy and integration and hybrid forms of expression.  Creative media is not about syntegration or integration.  Each piece is about the theme the artist was trying to present.  Synergy will result from the combination of the various elements from the different areas, and the unification of the work will be the integration of it. In Lighting Piece the visuals were integrated with sound and movement.   The pace was natural but the script was subject to natural time span.

Q1. What do you think about the scripting of Lighting Piece?

Q2. What do you think of the timing?

Q3. How has sound been used?

Timing and pace and a sense of purpose and completion in Lighting Piece.

There is script accompanied and augmented by timing within a script. The script might be we will light a match and watch it burn. The timing within this might be how long after the match goes out will we end the movie.  In the Lighting Piece example there is no font – no scrolling credits – these were invented later in the day.

* Sense of space and boundary.  The focus of the camera marked out the boundaries of Lighting Piece.

From the book Global Citizens Creative Arts Text.  Insights and Activities.


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